Monday, May 18, 2009

Thinking Pink

I've been away for a bit, sorry. Stella is taking up a lot of my time & energy keeping her from doing the things she is not supposed to do. Her leg seems as though it is healing up the way it should & she is happy as can be. Hopefully the vet will say as much on Wednesday. So, even though it has been beautiful cool weather the past weekend it has been getting warm here in Memphis. The one good thing about summer, I hate the heat, is all the good dry pink wines to choose from. My latest favorite is Zaca Mesa Z Gris Dry Rosé 2008 Santa Ynez Valley, CA ($17.99 at Joe's Wines, 1681 Poplar 901.725.4252). You can't tell from the image above but it is a faintly pink wine, almost more salmon than pink. Its very provencal in style with notes of dried raspberry, a hint of brine & herbs on the nose. The palate is deliciously bright, with mouthwatering acidity, fresh strawberry notes, a medium bodied weight & a luscious finish. A bottle of this, a plate of olives & a sunlit patio with friends would be absolute heaven.


Justin Fox Burks said...

you name the time and I'll be there. thanks for coming out and supporting me & kelly yesterday. you are awesome.


Samantha Dugan said...

So the winemaker at Zaca, Eric Mohseni is an ex Wine Country, (the store where I work) staffer and dear friend of mine. I am going to do a post about this Rose as well! I think this vintage is fantastic, one of the best they have ever made...really fresh and vibrant and I think your patio party sounds perfect!

Michael Hughes said...

JFB-too bad we didn't have a bottle on hand for the Buddha birthday vegetarian explosion impromptu patio dinner. But the beer worked great!

Samantha-really? Its great to see colleagues move on & succeed especially at something they're passionate about, right? I know, such a great pink. Very Provencal in style, in my opinion, which is great when concerning a CA wine. I've been drooling over all the lovely French pinks you've been posting about. Wish I could get them in Memphis!

Samantha Dugan said...

Eric was always driven on being a winemaker...I knew his passion well and knew he would be brilliant, awesome to see that others are starting to see it too! He also makes a wine of his own called Osseus, a Sauvignon Blanc...tiny production, but one of the best in California, mimics those of the Loire Valley.

I've felt funny about writing up his wines as it is clear that I adore him as a person, (dammit Robert Parker and yer finger pointing) but I just think it would be AS wrong to not give praise to a wine that deserves it, just because I happen to know and love the person that makes it. I also know and love an importer friend but NEVER write up wines that I think are lame...(shrug) so take it on my word, which is all we bloggers have right?

I have always thought bootleggers were wicked cool, which I was cool enought to start a wine smuggling and Benito would be my first customers!

Michael Hughes said...


Did you hear? TN legislature passed a law allowing direct shipment to consumers! I hope this increases peoples interest in unique varietals & regions & therefore brings more people into the store. On the down side now I'll be even more broke because I'll be able to take advantage of all those lists I'm on. Corliss here I come!!

I agree with you. We bloggers just have our words & photos. I think thats more powerful than Parker's bloated ugly ass! If you start smuggling, hook a brotha up!