Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Lunch at Restaurant August

I've wanted to go to Restaurant August for years. Since Kelly & I haven't been to New Orleans in years we decided to go all out & eat & drink to our heart's desire. When we arrived at August with Max & Marlinee we were seated at a corner table right by the window. Right off the bat we knew we were in for an experience when they set down this

Fish custard with caviar & truffle. Oh my god...so good

Up next

Handmade gnocchi with truffles, crab & parmiggiano. Heaven. Total heaven.

Marlinee got the Lobster Tempura which was absolutely delicious. That's saying a lot for me because I don't care for lobster.

Up next was a matsutake mushroom salad with duck confit, absolutely outstanding

A lovely, earthy, rustic & rich Vacqueryas was our accompaniment for the entrees which for me was

Veal grillades in a super rich demi glace with lardons. Damn, I needed a nap after all this deliciousness

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Marlinee said...

my dessert was the best.