Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dinner at Napa Cafe

Every wino in Memphis owes to themselves to check out Napa Cafe's INCREDIBLE wine list. I'm serious. It is one of the best in town. I had dinner there last Wednesday and it was fantastic. The bottle we chose was a rare Argentina gem that I had never heard of or seen before. While speaking with Rusty (who along with his fiance Glenda runs the place), I asked his opinion of three wines I was contemplating. His response was "there is no question, you are going to drink the Tikal". This interesting bottle was a heady, full bodied blend of Bonarda and Malbec from the 2002 vintage. The bottle alone was amazing, I swear it weighed 30 lbs! The wine was dark and rich in color, with an earthy bouquet, firm tannins and an incredibly lengthy finish. To start, we shared the Fried Artichokes and the Seared Tuna appetizers. For dinner we had the Shrimp and Grits and the Grilled Beef Tenderloin. The food was absolutely delicious, but I am still haunted by that wine. I highly recommend everyone dine here, but at the very least you should go and navigate their wine list

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Sparkal said...

Not only is Napa a pleasant surprise but Rusty and Glenda are the NICEST down to earth restauranteers you can meet. Happy to give them my business any time.