Sunday, January 29, 2006

Wow factor

I love discovering new wines. While grabbing a bite to eat at Bari recently (awesome cheese and meat menu) I ordered a glass of Le Rive Nebbiolo. I don't have a lot of experience with this grape but it's always been on my radar. At first sniff I detected a strong tar and herbal scent. It was pretty wild. I tasted earth and dark fruit. After a few minutes the wine settled into a beautiful red wine bursting with fresh blueberry and a hint of basil. The tar scent that was so wildly interesting blew off in a matter of minutes as well. Interestingly enough Le Rive is imported by Le Vignoble, a local company based in Cordova. If I'm not mistaken it was started by a couple of brothers. Way to go guys! You really scored with this wine.

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Jamie said...

Nebbiolo is the premier red wine grape of Piemonte, Italia.

It is rich, elegant and pairs well with food. Once you get hooked on this great varietal, you will never look back.

Mike Candebat
CEO Le Vignoble Wine Imports
Cordova, TN