Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Saturday Pizza

Last Saturday, Kristi & Warner had us over to celebrate our friend Jeff's birthday. Don't worry Jeff, I won't disclose your age!

I love Kristi's house, it is so beautiful, full of art & welcoming. Not only that, but the woman can cook! We had a spread of meats (even though Kristi is a vegetarian, thank you), cheeses, olives & asparagus waiting for us to nosh on. Jeff & Kristi were feverishly working to prepare homemade pizza dough & fresh toppings. I love homemade pizza almost as much as Kelly does, he likes to think of himself as something of a pizza connoisseur. We were treated to a portobello mushroom, tomato, mozzarella & roasted red pepper pizza; an asparagus, goat cheese, olive & parmiggiano pizza; & my favorite, an apple, pear, grape, walnut & gorgonzola pizza. They were all fantastic, but the apple was the one that stood out for me. It was a classic case of umami, different flavors combining to provide something entirely new. Sweet, savory, salty, creamy, crunchy....yum.

Kelly & I brought a 2006 Vinosia Essenza di Malvasia, made from 100% malvasia. Kelly loved this wine because it reminded him of the Bonny Doon Malvasia Bianca that he used to love. It was super expressive on the nose with notes of white flower, candied ginger & jasmine. The palate was racy, dry, crisp & bright with a freshness to it that glided across the palate. We also brought a 2002 Barham Mendelsohn Russian River Valley Pinot Noir, that was dark & mysterious on the nose, almost wild in its aroma. The palate was rich, full bodied but still silky & voluptuous.

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