Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sunday Dinner

Kelly & I had a delicious dinner with our good friend Jennifer this past Sunday at Bari. Chef Jason Severs got his hands on some fresh zucchini flowers, which I just HAD to have. Chef Severs batter dipped & fried the delicate blossoms to a crispy texture. The delicate sweetness of the blossom was still very bright & wasn't hidden by the batter. Delicious. We also shared the eggplant & pecorino fritters, which have been dubbed "crack balls" due to their overwhelming addictiveness. The fritters are crisp outside & tender on the inside with a smoky sweetness that is pierced by the savory-saltiness of the pecorino. Next up was the Branzino, a whole bass stuffed fennel & orange. The bass was roasted to perfection with a crispy skin, tender & juicy flesh that was perfumed with orange & sweet, licoricey fennel. I hungrily eviscerated the fish & ate everything but the eyes! I always have had a delightful meal at Bari & can't wait for my next meal. Tonight, Bari is hosting a wine & cheese tasting with Elizabeth Mall of Delta Wholesale. Cost to attend is $30/person.

Bari Ristorante e Enoteca

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Becca said...

Those wine and cheese tastings are pretty great. You and Kelly should try to come some time.