Monday, August 18, 2008

Bounty of the Cellar

Kelly & I went to see Vicky Christina Barcelona late Saturday afternoon with Justin & Amy. It was absolutely FANTASTIC. I would see it again which is strange considering that I don't particularly like Woody Allen's films. But the best part of the evening was dinner at Justin & Amy's. We started with some olives & Manchego that I paired with a Cantina del Taburno Falanghina 2006 Campania, Italy ($18.99 at Joe's). The briny quality on the finish of the wine paired perfectly with the olives & the wine's fruit matched up well with the salty sweet nature of the cheese. At that point, Amy pulled out a surprise...Marimar Torres Chardonnay 1999 Russian River Valley, CA ($?). Wow! It was rich & unctuous with a slice of bittersweet fruit & almond on the finish. This wine had balls! The aroma leaned toward dried apricot & pineapple with a sprinkling of clove & some luscious vanilla. Yes it was cellared well, otherwise it wouldn't have lasted but more importantly it started its life as a truly exceptional wine. If you don't begin with great wine, you can't age it into being great.


Becca said...

We saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona yesterday also. I would see it again also!

Justin Fox Burks and The Wife said...

Michael failed to mention the delicious baked NECTARINES with ginger snaps & dulce de leche he made for us for dessert. they were so awesome I almost got butter poisoning,

Michael Hughes said...

Yes they were delicious. Some of the best PEACHES I have ever had. I love PEACHES, especially organic PEACHES. They are just so PEACHY. Mmmmmmmmm....butter poisoning.

Justin Fox Burks and The Wife said...

that winchester farmers market we went to yesterday was KRAZY. wow.

we had the best time with y'all last weekend!

- a