Friday, February 26, 2010

Beer Glorious Beeeeeer!

I don't believe I have ever blogged about a beer on here but there is a first time for everything. Magic Hat is new to the Memphis market so I wanted to give them a try. I popped the cap on the Spring 2010 Unfiltered Motion series.

I know the wine glass might be a little much but the beer is so beautiful I couldn't help myself. Its golden & delicious looking. Its quite light & refreshing as well. Nice notes of hoppiness, spice & back note of malt. I can see myself drinking quite a bit of this in the spring & summer.


Randal Cooper said...

Where'd you get it? Is it grocery store beer or liquor store beer?

Michael Hughes said...

It is under 6% abv so it will be a grocery store beer. Try Raffe's Deli or the midtown Mini Mart by Cafe Eclectic.