Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No Thank You

I know I'm going to get called out for being a snob but I really don't give a damn. There is a new wine in town that I just cannot accept. It's called Bear's Lair. Cute, right? Another cutesy name with a cutesy label. Gag. However that isn't my main problem with this wine. Oh & by the way I haven't even tasted it nor do I ever plan on tasting it. Call me out for not even giving it a chance. I don't care. So this wine is $5.99 per bottle...what a deal right? A Cali cab or merlot for $5.99? Could this be Memphis' answer to Two Buck Chuck? Well it is from the same individual who brings that crap to the rest of the country.

My main problem with this wine is that at this price point somewhere, someone is getting screwed. I mean really screwed. Maybe it's the grapegrower who is strong armed into selling off his fruit at below cost. Perhaps its the consumer who is conned into thinking "hell, if this is even halfway tolerable than I'm getting my money's worth!" People are de-valuing themselves with this mindset. Everyone deserves a good bottle of wine. And no I don't think only expensive wine is good wine. There is plenty of good wine out there...& it doesn't have to screw you over or anyone else.


Ciara said...

Oh man, Michael, this post suggests- nay, *requires* that you to make a list of your favorite cheapest, perfectly acceptable, screw-free wines! That's right, I'm calling you out.

Michael Hughes said...

Columbia Crest Grand Estates Syrah $12.99
Almira Los Dos Grenache-Syrah $11.99
Cono Sur Bicycle Series Viognier $10.99
Falesco Est Est Est $11.99
Delas Cotes du Ventoux $11.99
Falesco Vitiano Rosso $13.99

Hope that helps Ciara!

Nancy Deprez said...

I agree with your rant here!