Monday, January 10, 2011

At The Table in G'town

It takes a lot for me to leave Midtown Memphis. Seriously. I just don't do it. My friend Brandon Eubanks is a personal chef & has been asking me to come to dinner at he & his partner's house for awhile. However, its outside of Midtown kind of took awhile.

Last week I took the long drive out to Germantown for dinner. I'm glad I did. He threatened me with braised beef shortribs to get me out there & boy did he deliver. Gaze upon this delicious plate.

The ribs were braised beautifully, with lovely texture, nice toothsomeness & a rich unctuousness. Brandon reduced the sauce perfectly so it coated the ribs & orzo. "What's the unique spice in the sauce?" "Cinnamon," Brandon said. Very cool. I love spices like cinnamon that are typically thought of as being used in baking sweets. When implemented into a savory dish cinnamon can really be delicious in addition to being that flavor profile that can make the diner go "hmmm, what IS that?"

Lovely dinner. It was worth driving to G'town.

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