Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Chris Camarda of Andrew Will Winery

I had the pleasure of doing a little email interview with Chris Camarda, the brilliant winemaker/owner of Andrew Will Winery. Join us at Napa Cafe on Monday April 11 for a wine dinner with Chris & his amazing wines. More information here.

What is it like being thought of as one of the best wineries in America? What drawbacks are there if any?

"Notoriety is good for sales especially when you are from Washington. I would prefer that people are talking about Washington and not me. No drawbacks"

What is one of the most recent food pairings you had with one of your wines that just blew your mind?

"At my home we had 2007 sorella with a prime rib purchased form Bryan Flannery."

In Memphis we industry professionals don't seem to get as much as hesitation from consumers regarding Washington wines as we did even 5 years ago. Are you seeing that industry wide in other markets as well?

"The place. Washington State.We are starting to get into people’s minds. They are starting to realize that we can produce very fine and even great wines. The challenge is to create a psychology that competes with Bordeaux’s. We already know that we are over all a superior place to grow fruit. Getting others to even contemplate the possibility is a great hurdle. Of the 2500 to 3000 Chateau in Bordeaux only a few hundred are producing wines worth looking for. In Washington we thousands and thousands of acres that can produce wines which can compete with the 250 top Bordeaux ch if the winemakers are up to it."

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