Monday, April 04, 2011

palaTABLE 4.3.11

Can you still call something underground if it is mentioned in print? No matter how we refer to this supper club-underground restaurant-chef showcase it continues to increase in quality, uniqueness, nerve, creativity & attitude. Joe Morris who is kitchen workhorse at Tsunami & lords over the bar on Sundays at Cafe 1912 was the chef for what he dubbed last night "palaTABLE". I saw a menu in progress but that by no means prepared me for what I was to experience. This man took me on a culinary journey the likes of which I will remember for a very long time.

1: pea, lavender

What a way to start! Beautiful but most importantly-delicious. So creative yet not overpowered with manipulation.

2: spinach, black tea, olive oil, milk

The spinach was meaty & creamy with a bright freshness.

Course 1&2 were paired with Ken Forrester "Petit" Chenin Blanc, Stellenbosch, South Africa

4: beet, young garlic, arugula

I love beets, I love beets, I love beets. As far as garlic is concerned, the younger the better!

5: mushroom, milk, soil

I want a tall glass of this every afternoon as a pick-me-up. It was invigorating & so purely tasted of mushroom.

Course 4&5 were paired with Siduri Pinot Noir 2009

6: duck eggs, mustard green, smoke, whey

This was like duck egg creme brulee or egg re-imagined as it's own custard.

7: cheese, honey, pecan, apple

The cheese with the apple & the pecan butter "powder". Seriously? My my my. So rich & delicious & showcased Joe's talent at molecular gastronomy. He did it right in that he employed techniques but didn't allow the dinner to become ABOUT the techniques. The way in which he presented everything was to amplify the freshness of what he had available to him locally.

Course 6&7 were paired with Alto Almonzora "Este" 2008

Course 8 was rosewater with blueberry & white pepper paired with my cocktail of Creme de Violette, Eva's Limoncello, & Segura Viudas Brut Reserva. Gorgeous.

What a stupendous meal. I want to eat Joe's food on a regular basis.

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