Thursday, October 27, 2011


I'm fluctuating back & forth between still buzzing after the wedding & honeymoon--& the harsh reality of being back to work. Well, at least I like my job so there is that. Kelly & I had an unbelievable weekend with family, friends, food & wine. Our wedding day was gorgeous & it was as if the weather was just for us. The reception was filled with friends, loved ones...more food & fantastic wine & a kick ass DJ (thanks Taylor!) We had a little bit of recovery time before jetting off to New York for a honeymoon in Manhattan where we stuffed ourselves silly & walked all over lower Manhattan. We also went to the city clerk's office & made it all legal. Thank you New York for helping continue our civil rights movement.

Kelly & I promised each other that we won't go a year without returning to New York. I can't wait to return.

We went to Wine Spectator's New York Wine Experience & it was absolutely overwhelming. A wine lover like me was in heaven. I think my head exploded a couple of times actually. I got to see lots of my wine heroes & sample their delicious offerings. One of the highlights was seeing Rollin Soles of Argyle & being able to tell him that Kelly & I just drank his Brut Rose 2008 on our wedding day. He seemed so appreciative & very flattered.

The Experience got me thinking about our events here in Memphis. Comparatively, the Brooks Museum's Memphis Wine & Food Series is a absolutely incredible event & definitely more interactive & personal. Not to mention more affordable...comparatively. Also, there are a bevy of events to choose from in the Series each one unique & very personal.

If you are a Memphis wine lover I highly recommend you attend one or all of these events. You will thank me.


Justin Fox Burks said...

It was an incredible weekend. I do wish you had packed me away in your suitcase so I could have gone to NY too. I love that place.

Michael Hughes said...

If we would have had a direct flight then I absolutely would've packed you. I didn't want you to be stuck in there too long while we had a layover at O'Hare.