Monday, February 09, 2009

First Big Trip of the Year

I'm going to Seattle for business. Seattle is a city that I've always wanted to visit but just haven't gotten around to. Any recommendations for restaurants, wine bars, wine shops or anything at all?


Justin Fox Burks said...

cafe flora...soo good
carmelita....amazing, creative. delicious.
dante's dogs....a cart that serves the best dogs around.

really everything was at the very least good. you must visit the market and buy only things that you have never tried.

Michael Hughes said...

Wait a second...Dogs? Aren't you vegetarian?

Benito said...

If I were headed to Seattle, a mandatory stop would be the Batali family's Salumi. Of course, the big problem is that I would want to bring home pounds and pounds of the stuff and I'm not sure how that would go at the airport. Search dogs get hungry sometimes. :)

Michael Hughes said...

Thanks Ben! Yes I am without a doubt going to go to Salumi. I've been wanting to visit that place for years! I hope Grandma is making gnocchi that day.

kristi said...

wonerful for you Michael. Agree with Benito - Saulmi is a must - last time I had about 10 pounds of charcuterie in my suitcase - gave the security guys a huge laugh. Get there and queue up before the open. Porchetta highly recommended - if Nonna is making Gnocchi - go for that also. Palace Kitchen and/or Dhalia Lounge. And hit Theo chocolates in Fremont, go for the confections. too fabulous - I just ordered some for Jeff for VD. We must chat at the beer tasting about this.

Dave said...

tilth was fantastic the first time and wonderful the second - think it is worth a try.

The Wines of Washington Tasting Room is near Pike Place Market. Small, Washington producers (many still have "day jobs"). Not always the best wine but fun, nonetheless.

Campagne is also near Pike Place Market and is very good.

2nd the Kitchen Palace and Dahlia Lounge. Also, Wild Ginger is very good. Was not impressed with Union.

Michael Hughes said...

Thank you all for your recommendations!

Becca said...

Caffe Vita is the best coffee shop ever. There are three of them in the city. latte.

If you feel like something a little off of the beaten food path, Chutney's Cuisine of India on 1st Ave N has a great Indian buffet and exceptional rasmalai (traditional Indian cheese dessert).

Floating Leaves tea room is highly recommended. They have a website you can check out.

And for god's sake don't miss the delightful tasting menu at Chiso Kappo - best Japanese food I've ever had. Ever.

Nancy Deprez said...

Hi Michael,

I am not super familiar with Seattle, but I have been recommended to go to Canlis and that's where I would want to dine if I were to go to Seattle. I think it is a high end place with a massive great wine list. One of those places.

Have fun in Seattle!!!