Tuesday, June 01, 2010

How Not To Act In A Retail Store part 3


"I'm sorry, are we out of something?" I say.

"No! You have it!" the rather harsh looking woman spits her words out at me like she just tasted something rotten. I think to myself 'well if we have it why are you yelling?'

I politely walked away because it was obvious this woman was pissed off & felt the need to take it out on someone.

She shuffles up to the counter & slams her glass bottles of tequila down on the counter. Then she comes back up & removes them.

"Why don't you ever have what I want? Are you EVER going to get it back in?"

A fellow employee apologizes & explains that the product is out of stock at the distributor but as soon as they get it back we will have it back.

"Well, *humph*, when is that going to be? When are they getting it back?"

My coworker explains that we have no way of knowing an ETA at the distributor.

"Unfuckingbelievable" she spits out as she walks back toward the tequila.

"What if I order it from the Mississippi ABC? Then what? Will they get it to me faster?" she threatens.

A different coworker explains that he has no way of knowing whether or not they can get it to her quicker because that is a completely different state.

She goes back up to the counter with a few more things, pays & leaves. Thank goodness.

Moral of the story: be nice


Samantha Dugan said...

We get that one too! "But I need it by this date, will they have it by then"....um, we don't work for them so I have no idea. Not to mention what is going to make that store go out of its way to get it for you? You think they are dying for YOU to come back....assholes.

Michael Hughes said...

I'm feeling the love all the way from the LBC. Thanks Darlin!