Monday, August 30, 2010

Like Eating A Cloud

Last night we had dinner with some dear friends that we don't see often enough. Becca & Lee had us over to their super cute home for a lovely summer dinner of mushroom goat cheese souffles with tomato & local green salad. It is so important to slow down & catch up with friends so that we don't go to long without seeing each other. Otherwise, before we know it too much time has passed.

Becca was a little nervous because it had been quite sometime since she has made souffle. I just said "I know it will be delicious so don't worry."

Lee poured us a glass of Fournier Sauvignon 2008 Vin de Pays which is just about one of the most deliciously bright & crisp white wines that I've had all summer. It matched perfectly with the tart & earthy Moroccan style vinaigrette that Becca dressed the salad with. Notes of cumin, coriander & lemon zest played off the minerality of the salad.

When they souffles came to the table I remarked at how beautiful they were, so puffed & golden. Eating them (I say them because I ended up devouring three!) was like feasting on a cloud. They were so light, airy & elegant with beautiful earthy mushroom notes. With these gorgeous elegant clouds we poured Archery Summit Pinot Noir 2007 Premier Cuvee. The luscious texture, bracing acidity, bright cherry & elegant truffle like flavors paired astoundingly well with the souffles. Delicious.

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