Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Shaken & Stirred

I've had cocktails on the brain lately. Cocktails, cocktails, cocktails. However, anyone who knows me well knows that this is nothing knew.

I've enjoyed a well made drink for many years now but recently its accelerated with tinkering & writing recipes & (the hard part) sampling.

There are a few things that everyone should have on hand in order to have a well stocked bar.

1 stainless steel cocktail shaker with strainer
Peychaud's bitters
Angostura bitters
2-4 martini glasses
1 bottle of gin (I prefer Hendricks, Citadelle, Magellan & Corsair)
1 bottle of vodka (I prefer Rain)
1 bottle of rye whiskey (Sazerac is the only choice)
1 bottle of bourbon (I prefer Eagle Rare 10, Buffalo Trace, Weller)
2-4 rocks glasses
1 bottle of an herbaceous liquor ( I prefer Herbsaint Original)
club soda
simple syrup
vegetable peeler (for shaving off a large peel from lemons or limes)

You can do most things with all of these ingredients & they are necessary in a host of different cocktails. Obviously I left out some ingredients but my point is that these are key.

Back to the cocktail laboratory for me.....


Benito said...

Great list, and I'd only add one thing: a muddler. It's not something you'll use on a daily basis, but it doesn't take up much room and I've never been able to use something else effectively as a substitute. Essential for any fresh herb cocktails that are trendy these days, plus good for grinding essential oils out of citrus peels in the bottom of the shaker.

Samantha Dugan said...

But where's the Mango Vodka and Chocolate sauce?!

Michael Hughes said...

Ben-good thinking, thank you. I just used mine so I definitely agree on that. Time for a cocktail party?

Sam-in addition to being gorgeous you are also one hell of a funny woman!

dwayne said... bar is terrible compared to this. good thing i get paid soon.

Michael Hughes said...

I forgot that every bar needs good vermouth too. I prefer Martini & Rossi Bianco & Antica Ricetta Antica Formula Sweet.