Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Little Work A Little Play

I've booked a trip back to Oregon (oh how I miss it so) for July. I plan on visiting a few wineries & vineyards as well as doing a bit of relaxing. Business mixed with pleasure. Anyone have any recommendations? I'm definitely planning on visiting Archery-Summit & Cooper Mountain. Where else? Where should I eat? I've been to a few places but there are so many more to explore.


Megan and Jon said...

Went to a wine dinner at Grove Grill a couple years ago and got to sit with the owners of Brandborg Vineyard and Winery in Elkton, OR. I highly recommend it. Here is their site:

Michael Hughes said...

Megan & Jon-Thanks for the rec! Keep it coming! I'd love to check them out but unfortunately I won't be going into Umpqua Valley. We will be staying in mostly the Dundee Hills AVA of Willamette Valley.