Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sunday Sipping

Our friends Lance & Fiona decided it was high time we convened at their house & pop some bottles. Sure, twist my arm!

The last time they were over at our house they brought a 1.5 liter of Chateau Pichon-Lalande 1971. We ended up not opening it that night.....don't ask me why.

This night they promised to pop it & I was positively salivating over it. Unfortunately Richie & Meagan were caught in a horrible storm & stuck in another town. Elizabeth had family obligations so she couldn't join us either. Oh well, more for the rest of us.

I brought a Brogan Cellars Dry Creek Syrah 2003 Tedeschi Vineyard & a Novy Family Pinot Meunier 2007 Van Der Kamp Vineyard. The Brogan was a score from the Brooks Uncorked silent auction a few weeks ago. Brogan's owner & winemaker is Margaret Wieranga, daughter of Burt Williams of the famed Williams Selyem. Tasting her wine made me think about how jealous her father must be. This syrah was deep, dark, luscious & brimming with smoky spice & gripping texture.

The Novy had this unique pomegranate like quality. It was tart but not overly so, the acidity was bright & fresh. The finish was earthy & had this bittersweet fennel note to it that was so very savory & just damn cool.

On to the '71.....

Lance was a bit worried that perhaps it was over the hill or even worse, vinegar. I encouraged him to just open the thing & lets try it & see! We worked the cork out very tenderly & poured some glasses. The color didn't suggest a wine of this age, it definitely didn't look nearly 40 years old. The nose had gorgeous aromas of leather, a bit of sweat, old barn, clove & cinnamon & dried berries. Wow, there is just nothing like a well made wine with some serious age on it.

Thanks again Lance & Fiona!


Benito said...

Let me check my tasting notes for the weekend... I had a slightly warm Coors Light at a party. I think you win this one. :)

Samantha Dugan said...

Dude....so jealous

Becca said...

Hate to have missed it. :(

Michael Hughes said...

You all should have been there!