Thursday, January 25, 2007

Keep to yourself

I just got back from a pretty rough dining experience. Kelly and I went to Bari for a nice Italian meal. Bari is always wonderful and I will continue to go there. However, we neglected to ask to be sat in the non-obnoxious asshole section. Not 10 minutes into our dinner we were already annoyed by how loud and grating the table next to us was. These grown adults (all above 60, or at least looked it) behaved like children. One nasty little fur-laden lady yipped about an experience at the plastic surgeon (she obviously ordered the wrong procedure) before launching into how to cheat the political primaries. Across the table her dining partner went on and on about dressing his daugther up like a tramp for some dance number they were to perform in front of his friends. Ick. They then followed us into the bar (where we attempted to escape them) and continued to terrorize us and the poor innocent bar patrons. Two women actually left the bar to sit outside in the cold while they finished their wine, just to escape these excruciating individuals. Uggh.

The moral of this story is keep to yourself when dining out. Don't allow your bullshit to spill over to other tables.