Thursday, October 27, 2011


I'm fluctuating back & forth between still buzzing after the wedding & honeymoon--& the harsh reality of being back to work. Well, at least I like my job so there is that. Kelly & I had an unbelievable weekend with family, friends, food & wine. Our wedding day was gorgeous & it was as if the weather was just for us. The reception was filled with friends, loved ones...more food & fantastic wine & a kick ass DJ (thanks Taylor!) We had a little bit of recovery time before jetting off to New York for a honeymoon in Manhattan where we stuffed ourselves silly & walked all over lower Manhattan. We also went to the city clerk's office & made it all legal. Thank you New York for helping continue our civil rights movement.

Kelly & I promised each other that we won't go a year without returning to New York. I can't wait to return.

We went to Wine Spectator's New York Wine Experience & it was absolutely overwhelming. A wine lover like me was in heaven. I think my head exploded a couple of times actually. I got to see lots of my wine heroes & sample their delicious offerings. One of the highlights was seeing Rollin Soles of Argyle & being able to tell him that Kelly & I just drank his Brut Rose 2008 on our wedding day. He seemed so appreciative & very flattered.

The Experience got me thinking about our events here in Memphis. Comparatively, the Brooks Museum's Memphis Wine & Food Series is a absolutely incredible event & definitely more interactive & personal. Not to mention more affordable...comparatively. Also, there are a bevy of events to choose from in the Series each one unique & very personal.

If you are a Memphis wine lover I highly recommend you attend one or all of these events. You will thank me.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Piggy Ears

I love pork. Sometimes I think I have a unhealthy relationship with pork. Not even kidding. One of my favorite parts of the pig is the ear. One of my favorite preparations I've ever had of said ear is at Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen. Recently (well not almost two months ago but hey I've been busy with wedding stuff!) my husband Kelly & I ate at AMIK with our very good friend Allison. I ordered the pig ear salad & they sent out this:

What we have here is pig ear & Benton bacon hash topped with a runny fried egg. It was perfection. Crispy, yet creamy gelatinous ears with smoky bacon & a luscious egg.

But wait! There's more! The guys also sent us out this:

Pig ears with fig agrodolce. Sweet, sour, slightly spicy. Absolutely wonderful. If I can tempt just one person to steer away from the pedestrian cuts of pork & explore the others then I have done my job.


I apologize to all 3 of you who read this blog for my absence. I haven't given up just yet I've just been very very distracted. I got married!!! Therefore, the time I would normally have to sit down & write was taken up by planning & such. Plus the copious amounts of celebrating & what not. I promise to get back on this blog & post some really cool (at least I think they are cool) stuff as soon as I decompress from my honeymoon & second marriage in New York City. I'll explain, Kelly & I had a ceremony with family & close friends then a bad ass reception. However, since we live in Tennessee it's not as if its legal in anyway. Which isn't necessary to us seeing that we have been together for 10 years. We decided to take our honeymoon in NYC because we can eat & drink wonderful things but also because we can get married legally. Not as if it's going to change our status here in TN but it's political, no?

I'll be back soon.