Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Best Rosé in the World

Ok. I know that's a strong statement but I just can't help myself. Every year that this bad boy comes out I just squeal like a little child & call my sales rep every day until it arrives in my store. Rosé wine is the only thing that keeps me sane during the disgustingly oppressively ridiculously hot & humid summer months in Memphis. This particular bottle is the holy grail of dry pinks. The biodynamically farmed Robert Sinskey Vin Gris of Pinot Noir 2008 Los Carneros District of Napa Valley is, in my opinion, the Domaine Ott of the New World. Actually I don't know if that's the right comparison because Ott under delivers & is overpriced. I guess what I mean to say is that this is the New Worlds best example of a well made dry rosé. The color is like a rosy cheek on someone who is sexually excited, faintly flushed capillaries. Normally this color is misleading on this particular bottle given that its palate is usually just the opposite & not faint at all. But this year its austere, elegant, razor sharp & so bright & clean with a barely under ripe wild strawberry note & hints of melon. The nose exhibits white raspberry, rainier cherry & a kind of moist rock quality. Its really good juice which the very thought of puts a smile on my face. Unfortunately, we at Joe's bought up the entire retail allocation which sold out in 45 minutes. Normally I wouldn't blog about a lovely little pink that no one else can get in Memphis (I also got an email that this wine is sold out at the winery, sorry!) However, I heard a rumor that the distributor might be getting more so I'll keep you posted if I get some more in.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Article

Check out my new article here.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Oregon Pinot Camp 2009, coming soon

After trying for almost 2 years I finally got invited to Oregon Pinot Camp! So I've booked a little Euro-style room at Hotel Oregon in McMinnville. Anyone stayed there? I'm also looking for recommendations on hotels in Portland. I don't want anything too expensive. Just comfy & cool & near to fun bars, restaurants etc. Any restaurant recommendations? I think I'm going to eat at Beast, Naomi Pomeroy's restaurant. Anyplace else I should check out? Or what about winebars, lounges, divebars? Help!! I leave in a month.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Thinking Pink

I've been away for a bit, sorry. Stella is taking up a lot of my time & energy keeping her from doing the things she is not supposed to do. Her leg seems as though it is healing up the way it should & she is happy as can be. Hopefully the vet will say as much on Wednesday. So, even though it has been beautiful cool weather the past weekend it has been getting warm here in Memphis. The one good thing about summer, I hate the heat, is all the good dry pink wines to choose from. My latest favorite is Zaca Mesa Z Gris Dry Rosé 2008 Santa Ynez Valley, CA ($17.99 at Joe's Wines, 1681 Poplar 901.725.4252). You can't tell from the image above but it is a faintly pink wine, almost more salmon than pink. Its very provencal in style with notes of dried raspberry, a hint of brine & herbs on the nose. The palate is deliciously bright, with mouthwatering acidity, fresh strawberry notes, a medium bodied weight & a luscious finish. A bottle of this, a plate of olives & a sunlit patio with friends would be absolute heaven.

Monday, May 04, 2009

I Need A Glass

Sometimes I just need a good glass to blur the edges a bit. Tomorrow our little baby girl, Stella, is having knee surgery. She is still acting like her little puppy self & not like she's about to have ACL surgery. Not a clue. I, on the other hand, am a total wreck. Needless to say I could use a glass of wine.....or two. Magnificent Wine Co.'s House Wine Red 2007 has been a go to wine of mine since it hit the market last year. I originally tried it a few years ago on vacation in Louisville. It offers so much bang for your buck. At $13, I really feel it over delivers for the price. This yummy little Washington red is a blend of cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah, cabernet franc & sangiovese. Its dark, luscious, spicy & bursting with currant, plum & blueberry fruit. Its exactly what I need to take the edge off my nervousness for my little baby puppy dog's big scary surgery.