Friday, March 30, 2007

Wine is

Wine tastes better with friends. It is more of everything I could ever wish it to be. Simplicity becomes complexity. Fruit becomes fresh picked and sensual. Textures turn to silk, velvet and leather. My heart swells on a wave of tannin and acidity. I love the way wine tastes when I'm tasting with someone I love. Love makes me want to share. When those that I love are in my home, I want to share the beauty of bottles with them. I want to let loose the songs that grapes have to sing. Our souls yearn for what wine can give them. We welcome it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Recent Vino

I've had some quite amazing wines recently, that I have never had before. Lucky me, right?

Gruet Demi-Sec NV, New Mexico:
nose: light toastiness, yeasty, brioche french toast with plum preserves
palate: lightly fruity, crisp white cranberry, acidity is evident but soft

I was very pleasantly surprised with this sparkler. The winery was founded by two Champenoise, don't ask me why they settled on New Mexico. I think the term Demi-sec will be misleading to some because of its low amount of residual sugar (only 2.5g/l). To me it was less sweet than Moet's White Star.

Coturri Lost Creek Vineyard Yorkville Highlands Pinot Noir 2001:
nose: hazelnut, mixed wild berry compote, lavender, crushed fresh dirt
palate: hazelnut carries over, wild blackberry, earth, pomegranate molasses, sour cherry

Coturri never ceases to blow my mind and take my palate for a roller coaster ride. We had just drank '98 Nuits St Georges before this, what an amazing contrast. To me, drinking Coturri wines is like drinking wine made one hundred years ago. They are non-interventionists.

Feudi di San Gregorio Piano di Monte Vergine 1999:
nose: black currant, vanilla, light balsamic, dried rosemary, black raspberry and blueberry
palate: full mouthfeel with lively ripe tannins, big, brawny, earthy and voluptuous

Kelly summed this up perfectly by saying "this is exactly the kind of wine I like. I don't like my wine to hide".

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dishing at Dish

Just returned from Dish, and I wasn't thrilled with the service. It wasn't terrible, just not very present. The server acted as if we were an inconvenience as opposed to guests. All I'm asking for is awareness, presence and a bit of care. If you don't like your job-quit! If he was having a bad day, he needs to just suck it up and give good service. You can't bring outside baggage to your job. It is counterproductive.

I'm sure I'll still go back because I look the food and the patio. Maybe our server will be in a better mood. We'll be sure to sit in another person's section next time.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wonders of Washington

I went to a tasting of Chateau Ste Michelle wines last night and was yet again very pleased with the quality. The Columbia Valley designated wines were the best in my opinion. At their price point they offered the best quality and level of interest. It's been said over and over but it's true, Merlot and Syrah are the two star grapes of Washington.

My favorites of the night were:

Ste Michelle Dry Riesling: New to the market. Light silver color with aromas of peach, mandarin orange and jasmine. The vibrant acidity elevates the nectarine and peach flavors and washes away what little residual sugar there is. The fruit hits in the mid palate and the wine finishes dry. Light stoniness is evident. Lovely.

Ste Michelle Horse Heaven Sauvignon Blanc: Pale straw color with aromas of lemon peel, lime and light stone. Slightly creamy on the palate which leads into bright acid. The finish lingers with lemon and grapefruit. Pair with meaty/flaky grilled fish with a grapefruit salsa.

Ste Michelle Rose (95% Syrah, 3% Mourvedre 2% Viognier): Bright pink/purple color with a nose of mixed berries and light hints of cinnamon/clove. The fruit hits sweet on the palate and lingers but the acidity is high enough as to wash that all away and keeps it from being cloying. Full bodied for a rose. Pair with grilled chicken.

Stella Maris Red "Star of the Sea": Dark purple color with aromas of spice, dark fruits and leather. The black fruits carry over to the palate along with dried meat and spices. The tannins are evident and balanced. Very plush. Fantastic. Worth every penny of the $30 price tag. Pair with grilled lamb or beef, and dried meat (Jamon Serrano, Breasola, Speck).

The Snoqualmie line of wines were insipid and hollow. But what can be expected for their under $10 price?

Ste Michelle Estates produces excellent wines. Seek them out. The good news is that they are readily available and affordable.