Sunday, April 29, 2007

Paradise Ridge @ the Blue Fish

Date: Tuesday, May 1

Place: The Blue Fish, corner of Cooper and Young,

Time: 5-9?

Details: The owner of Paradise Ridge winery will be on hand during dinner service to interact with guests regarding their wonderful Russian River Valley wines.

I do enjoy these wines, they are worth checking out. I do however think that the Cabernet Sauvignon is not something to drink alone. It's drinking partner should be a well marbled steak. On its own it is too big for the mouth.

The Times

There is a fantastic article in the Times today click here. I love how Alice Feiring connects people and wine. Towards the end of it, I won't ruin it for the reader, she makes recommendations on what to drink with what type of person. The article is touching and well written. I found a sister in obsession when she says that her "170 bottles weren't nearly enough. I would feel comfortable with about 1,500."

Peoples lives are so interconnected, we affect each other in positive and negative ways. Hopefully with the right wine we can affect one another more positively.