Sunday, October 03, 2010

La Luna Azul

A traditional cocktail that has become an obsession of mine is called The Blue Moon. The star of the show is a liqueur called Creme de Violette which is unfortunately not available in Memphis. However I am working on getting a wholesaler to pick up a brand. What makes this booze so unique is its aromatics. Real violet petals are used in the distillation process which gives it a floral note unlike any other.

My spin on a Blue Moon:

1 1/2 parts gin (I like Citadelle for this)
1 part creme de violette (Rothman & Winter is a very good choice)
1 splash of my mother's homemade limoncello

Shake vigorously in an iced filled cocktail shaker or stir vigorously, your choice.

Pour into a chilled martini glass or highball, your choice.

Garnish with nothing. It's too pretty to need accessories.

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