Monday, October 25, 2010

Night one in N.O. part 2

After a couple bottles & some cheese at Bacchanal we hopped in a cab & headed to Cure for some more snacks & drinks.

This was my first encounter with the cocktail culture of New Orleans. The drinks list wasn't very long but it was precise & had a good mix of different types of liquors. The spirits they chose leaned toward the artisanal which I greatly appreciated. Our cocktails took a little while to come to the table but we didn't mind at all knowing that they were being crafted by hand with meticulousness. The ice in the drinks were large square cubes which didn't melt as fast as smaller cubes & thus didn't dilute my drink as quickly.

I love this type of place because they built the menu for snacking & sharing over well crafted drinks.

Since it was still warm in N.O. we finished the night with a bottle of one of my favorites: Txakolina

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