Thursday, October 21, 2010

Night One in N.O.

We pulled into town with the sun casting a golden glow across the city of New Orleans. We were hungry & thirsty. What a wonderful city for fulfilling those needs. Our B&B was in the Faubourg-Marigny district adjacent to the French Quarter. Some people would call this the real New Orleans. Our place was beautiful with an big huge patio overlooking Royal Street. Our first stop was a place called Bacchanal Wine & Sprits. I'd heard many things about this place so I was incredibly excited to check it out myself. Sunday night must have been the night to go because we couldn't get a table out back where all the fun was being had so instead we grabbed a table inside, had a bottle of bubbles

This lovely French bottle was something I had never experienced before so I was incredibly excited. It was appley, yeasty & a little nutty. Quite refreshing too I might add. Paired with the cheese we had (What was that cheese you picked out Max?) it was close to heavenly.

Next up was

Summer still laid thick across New Orleans so a chilled bottle of rosato was exactly what we needed. At first taste the Terre Nere had little to no flavor but once it warmed a bit & had some time to breathe it was expressing great earthy fruit notes.

The space itself is raw & cellar like which is why I liked it. Exactly what I was hoping it would look like.


Stacey Greenberg said...

ooh i love that place!! glad you got to see it even if you didn't get the primo seating out back. who was cooking? did you see?

Michael Hughes said...

They have a regular chef now as well as guest stars. This guy's name was Joaquin