Friday, December 03, 2010

Argyle Brut 2006

This month at Joe's Wines & Liquors we are featuring Argyle Brut 2006 as one of our Winos Wine Club selections. “I first visited Argyle in June of 2009 as a participant in Oregon Pinot Camp. OPC brings together 200 wine industry people from around the world each year to be immersed in the wine culture of Oregon. Argyle winemaker & co-owner Rollin Soles led a seminar on Oregon’s unique white varietals & afterwards hosted us for lunch. He opened bottles of sparkling wine, pinot noir & a special surprise. During the seminar he talked about his riesling’s ageability & in particular a 15 year old bottle that he had just recently opened. He went on & on about how well it showed so much so that I raised my hand & asked him if he would open one for us. He laughed & continued on with the seminar. During lunch Argyle’s Sales Director came over to my table & poured me a glass of white wine. He turned the bottle toward me to reveal a 1992 Riesling! This was one of a series of wow moments I had while at Pinot Camp. I returned to Argyle this past July with the memories of the previous years’ experience still fresh in my mind. This time we tasted through their entire lineup of sparkling wines. They were mind-blowing! Truly exceptional as wines first & foremost but some of the best bubblies I’ve had that weren’t Champagne. I kept going back to the 2006 Brut, tasting & re-tasting it, discovering layers upon layers of unique flavors that are rarely if ever displayed by wines produced outside of the Champagne region. I can still see the bottles laid out before me & the flavors of the wines caressing my palate. Argyle will always have a special place in my heart & I hope that you wine club members will feel the same way.

This bubbly is more Champagne-like than any other sparkler could hope to be. Argyle's style of sparkling wine is yeasty, toasty, creamy & sensuously lithe. On the palate are flavors of roasted pear, orange marmalade & vanilla tones with a mouth filling round texture that leaves a gorgeous finish behind. For this lovely wine Rollin Soles sources from some of the best vineyards in Oregon including Knudsen & Lone Star. He allows the vines to speak for themselves & they really come through in this wine. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD DO NOT SERVE THIS IN A FLUTE!!! This beauty needs room to breathe & will benefit from being served in a normal wine glass. The flavors, aromas & textures will unlock themselves in a traditional white wine glass. This wine is truly something special & deserves much respect.

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