Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Little Vacation

My very good friend Emily said something very inspirational to me yesterday. "Memphis has a lot to offer. It is a pretty exceptional city & we should live like we're tourists in our own city." With that being said she took me to a Sakura sushi out in Germantown. Admission: I am one of those people who makes it a point of not venturing out East. I don't like it out there. I don't feel comfortable out there. It doesn't seem to have any personality...ok I'll stop there before I piss someone off. But I stopped & thought to myself "why the hell not?" I'll break out of my comfort zone! The sushi was delicious & the company even better. Emily makes me laugh so hard & I always have a good time with her. On top of that she is cute as hell & sharp as a tack. After our sushi extravaganza I suggested that we go somewhere that neither of us would think to go. We ended up at Folk's Folly, an East Memphis steakhouse institution with leather & wood everywhere & wingback chairs with low tables & a piano in the bar. At first glance, not my scene. But we had a great time sipping on Castello di Monastero Chianti Classico 2006. This Tuscan beauty lies somewhere between modern & traditional styles. The nose has a concentrated cranberry-raspberry compote aroma with a bit of fennel/anise. The palate is balanced with bright acidity, moderate tannins & tangy fruit. Thanks for such a good time Emils!


Samantha Dugan said...

I think your friend sounds wonderful! I was very much the same as you, I grew up in Long Beach, (about 30 minutes from Los Angeles...without traffic) and now live in Huntington Beach, (shhh don't tell anyone I live in the OC, it's not for good) and when I was younger I never ventured up to LA, maybe once or twice a year tops. A few years ago I told the hubby, "We are missing out on so much fun by restricting ourselves. Lets start having some adventures!" Now we are in LA all the time, we stumble on the most amazing places and things are just so much more exciting when we are out of our comfort zone...there is some crazy stuff in LA but it is so much freaking fun! Glad you had a good night, and I think it is sage advice to LIVE in your city....great post.

Michael Hughes said...

I've always thought that I "lived" in my city but when Emily said that to me I paused. I guess that I tend to go to the same places & stay in the same neighborhoods. Its a shame really so I vow to now explore my city more! Good lord it is so hot here I can't even think straight! I hope that you aren't enduring a blistering summer.