Monday, March 19, 2012

They Better Win

Kelly & I decided to go to a play with our very good friends Marlinee & Max this past Saturday. If you haven't seen God of Carnage at the Playhouse on the Square then you have to go immediately. It was FANTASTIC! Since the play started at 8 we had to make very early dinner reservations. Dining with the blue hairs so to speak. We went to one of my favorite restaurants, Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen. Chefs Michael Hudman & Andrew Ticer have been nominated for a James Beard award AND they were nominated for People's Best New Chef by Food & Wine Magazine. These two deserve to win for many reasons but mainly because their food is fantastic & they are such genuinely nice guys.
We sat outside to enjoy the wonderful Memphis spring. Before it gets oppressively hot & sticky which I'm sure will happen any day now. For my starter I ordered the Parmiggiano Sformato with neck bone gravy & a quail egg.
The texture of the sformato was so luxurious & rich. The neckbone gravy contrasted that with a savory earthy umami characteristic. Go order this immediately before they change the menu for Spring!

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