Monday, July 28, 2008

Encore, in the heat of the Summer

I feel so bad for employees of restaurants whose a/c is on the fritz in the DEAD of Memphis summer. Kelly & I enjoyed an evening out at Encore with our friends Jennifer & Charlie Lowe. It was a bit stuffy due to the troubled a/c. Needless to say we were sucking down ice water like crazy. In the past I had been very, very disappointed by the wine selections at Encore but this time I was pleased to find some interesting quality selections. It seems as though they are paying more attention to the wine selections which is nice to see. I had a glass of 2006 Kracher Pinot Gris from Austria, an outstanding thirst quencher in the sticky heat. Jen had the lobster stuffed scallops that were succulent & delicious. Kelly dined on the mushroom ravioli which he absolutely loved as well as the blood orange cocktail. "I could drink 3 of these!" he said. My dishes were very good as well. I enjoyed the crab & lobster corn chowder, much to the amazement of my dining companions. "It's summer!" I love soup so I don't care what season it is. My next dish was the tuna tartare on potato gallettes with wasabi aioli. All of which were fantastic.


The Chubby Vegetarian said...

blogged about your dinner. check'er out.

Benito said...

That tuna tartare is amazing, and the duck at Encore is some of the best I've ever had. Good Manhattan on the drinks menu as well. I hope that Encore survives the coming changes to Peabody Place.

Michael Hughes said...


What changes are coming?

Benito said...

The movie theater is closing down, and the Belz owners are proposing to turn Peabody Place into additional suites/rooms for the Peabody hotel.

This article says that Encore is remaining open, but construction projects often have an adverse effect on restaurants.

Nancy Deprez said...

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the comment on one of my latest posts. And for including me in your blog roll! :)

Unknown said... at Encore...mmm...

I just had Brother Juniper's and now I'm hungry again. Impossible!

Michael Hughes said...


You are welcome! Thanks for the writing a great blog.


Mmmmmm, brother juniper's. Yum. I'm suddenly craving biscuits & that yummy black bean/potato/egg scramble deliciousness.