Saturday, May 22, 2010

How Not To Act In a Retail Shop part 2

"THIS VODKA IS WATER!!!" shouts the quite unkempt looking grumpy gray haired man as he slams down a open, half drank 750ml bottle of some of the most god awful vodka on the planet.

Me: "Pardon?"

Old Drunk: " I just bought it & it's nothing but WATER!"

I look down at the bottle & it's kind of dirty. Then I notice the price tag. Hmmmm.

Me: "Sir, I'm very sorry but I can't refund or take back this bottle because it's open."

OD: "You damn well better! I come in here all the time & this is not my fault! I want to talk to the manager!"

By now he is causing a scene & acting belligerent.

Me: "I'm the manager."

Old drunk shuffles down to one of my co-workers & starts his rant all over again.

OD: "blarg blarg blarg blarg blarg"

Me: "Alright sir that's enough. First of all you are behaving disrespectfully. Second, this bottle is old & not even ours. We don't use price tags anymore & when we did we used completely different sized price tags with a completely different font."


Me: "That's it, I've had enough. You are going to leave my store right now!"

He walks out the door & then comes back in. I come around from behind the counter, walk towards him in a very strong way & say "Go, now. You are going to leave right now."

That was that. So I thought.....

This jerk has the nerve to come back in to the store & complain about ME to my boss. Unbelievable. Thankfully, I have a cool boss who totally understands that I never act unprofessionally & therefore he knew this guy was full of crap.


Samantha Dugan said...

Damn baby, rough couple of days!
Giant hugs being sent your way.

Michael Hughes said...

Thanks darlin! It didn't actually happen in the same weekend but that nasty woman's behavior made me think of the altercation with this man. The old guy was in about two weeks ago. Once I blogged about this I felt much better. I imagine you've had some doozies too, right?

Samantha Dugan said...

Still, two in a couple weeks is still brutal. Freaking retail right?! Oh yeah, I get plenty, most of mine are people acting as if a blonde with big boobs cannot possibly know anything about wine. The most recent, (this past week) was a guy that came to the counter with a bottle and asked if there was someone that could tell him about it. I started to talk about the wine and he stopped me and said, "I'm sure your many years of bagging wine has given you some kind of insight but I need a professional" I kept my shit together and with a smirk called over one of my male coworkers..."Can I help you?" he asked the snotty customer "Can you tell me about this wine?" the customer replied. "Well you should ask her seeing that she is the buyer for France" The look on that dude's face was all the reward I needed!

Michael Hughes said...

It's the little victories right? That must have felt good!