Monday, October 04, 2010

A Chill In the Air

We haven't had our friends Justin & Amy over in a very long time. With the weather turning chilly I was in the mood for soup . Hence the previous post about roasted cauliflower which I turned into a soup. I mixed up a couple Manhattans for Justin & I using Sazerac Rye & Punt e Mes sweet vermouth with a few dashes of Regan's Orange Bitters & a dash or two of Peychaud's. Our garnish was some of my home marinated Brandied Cherries. Super delicious.

When they arrived I had a platter of grilled bread with sweet pea spread with lemon, parmiggiano, parsley, olive oil & salt & pepper. I know peas aren't in season but I was craving this dish so I made do with frozen organic. Blanched them off a bit & pulsed them in the processor with the other ingredients.

Justin brought some Burratta cheese & ciabatta with a fig-quince-red wine sauce that was outstandingly delicious!

For a little sweet I made some nutella stuffed wontons that I fried crispy

The name of the game this time around was simple, clean flavors. Alongside that we tasted through a delightful Owen Roe Kalita Vineyard Pinot Noir 2008 & a Rosa Mystica Cabernet Franc 2008. Unbelievable wines!


The Chubby Vegetarian said...

It was a wonderful meal at one of my favorite places to eat: Michael's house.

Samantha Dugan said...


Michael Hughes said...

Aww shucks y'all

WineTwits said...

Michael, I really like your blog. Would love to chat about hosting a blind wine tasting with us @WineTwist ( in Memphis, TN. We're planning our next event 10/29. Interested? Lets chat!


Stephen Gilberg
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