Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Road Trip

Kelly & I are heading out of town this Saturday. First stop, Louisville. I've been before & really loved the city. My friend lives in the Highlands so its walking distance to some great places on Bardstown Rd. We've been to NIOS, Seviche...where else should we go?

After that we are onward to St Joseph, MI to see my friend Sarah's new spawn, Isla.

Next its onward to Chicago. I love love LOVE that city. I used to spend time there when I was a kid but its a whole new world as an adult. Where should we go? Anyone heard anything about Piccolo Sogno, Cafe Prosecco, The Publican? Where else should we go? What about great wine shops?

After Chicago it will be much needed family time with Mom, Dad, my sister Danyl & niece Halei.

Can't wait!!


Samantha Dugan said...

I am so jealous!! First of all my baby lives in Louisville, so for that reason alone I love that town. I've never done high end meals there but if you are looking for a great pizza and a fantastic beer list hit up Za's on Bardstown...cool, inked staff, college vibe and really good straight forward pies. There is a kick ass independant music store on Bardstown called Ear X-tacy. I kfound 2 wine shops on Bardstown, one is Old Town Wine, they have lots of the same old same old but I was able to find a few cool things there and they have a nice little selection of cheese....even some great local ones. The other is called The Wine Market, much smaller but I found that there was a much more interesting selection, and the staff seemed way into it.

I LOVE Chicago, was offered a job and almost moved there last year....winter and summer kept me from making that leap! I just wrote one of my best friends that lives there and asked her what she thinks should not be missed, (she is a wine business chickie too) so I will write you again when she sends her list...but Pop, (or Pops) is a wicked cool Champagne bar that you MUST check out.

Samantha Dugan said...

Okay here are the tips from my girl in the city:

Sunda – Sushi place just opened and is a new hot spot, haven’t been yet so I am not sure if it is any good? 110 W. Illinois, CHC

Frontera – 445 N. Clark, CHC

The Publican – 837 W. Fulton – basically it’s all about the pig! If he is a vegetarian then tell him to stay awayJ

Takashi – 1952 N. Damen – super cute and great good.

The Wit Hotel – 201 N. State – good place for cocktails before dinner, has a rooftop – where all the pretty people hang out!

L2O – fancy but well worth it – one of the best dinners I have had in a long time.- 2300 N. Lincoln Park West, CHC

Hot Chocolate – good for a quick afternoon sandwich/brunch and their desserts are outstanding. – 1747 N. Damen, CHC

Table 52 – Art Smith former chef for Oprah opened this rest about 2 years ago. Great food/atmosphere. 52 W. Elm, CHC

Graham Elliot – 217 W. Huron, CHC – was just on Top Chef Masters – haven’t been yet but is supposed to be amazing!

The Gage- 24 S. Michigan Ave, CHC – great food and fun.

Hopleaf – great beer selection and food is supposed to be pretty good. Only draw back is it is kind of far north from the city. – 5148 N. Clark, CHC

Hope that helps! If you guys are feeling a great burger or pork sandwiches and STRONG cocktails there is a place called Kuma's Corner, 2900 W Belmont.

Have fun!!!

Michael Hughes said...

Wow! Thank you thank you thank you! You are the best. I will be sure to check out as many as possible. I miss Chicago & can't wait to be there.

abonewalker said...

Chicago goodies:

de cero taqueria on Randolph:
Awesome upscale taqueria with a killer hibiscus margarita!

Danny's Bar in Bucktown (right off Milwaukee/Damen) near Wicker Park/Bucktown:
1951 W. Dickens
A little on the hipster side, but the bar staff is super cool. Drinks are strong.

739 N. Clark St. in River North area
Have a few cocktails on the rooftop before going out on the town. Call to get a reservation for rooftop (AWESOME)seating so that you're assured a spot--fills up quickly, especially on weekends! Nice wine list, good service. You just might be convinced to stay for dinner...

Have fun!