Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Time for A Change

Just fishing here. How many of you would like to see Tennessee change the laws to allow in-store wine tastings in retail wine shops? I for one would love it if we could.


Samantha Dugan said...

Is there a reason they don't allow it? Seems so freaking strange to me.

Me in Memphis said...

Definitely! That was such a shock to me when I moved here....liquor/wine not being sold in grocery stores?? I had never heard of that before.

Michael Hughes said...


I think the reason that they don't allow it is because The Baptist lobby keeps-a-preachin that its a SIN! Praise Jee-zus!! Such a joke. How hypocritical. I do seem to remember the passage in the Bible that stated that Jesus turned water into wine. The man had good taste! Anyway, its silly that TN doesn't allow in store tastings. Hopefully we can change that.

Benito said...


We have different laws for:
1) places that sell beer under 8% alcohol
2) places that serve beer under 8% alcohol
3) places that sell all other alcohol including "big beers"
4) places that serve all other alcohol including "big beers"

For instance, the Flying Saucer in Cordova, a fun pub that has over a hundred beers on tap, lost its beer license for about a week. You could order really strong beers, whiskey, wine, or other cocktails, but they couldn't legally serve you a Guinness.


I'm all for it, and I know it would make life easier for the wine shops here in town. I've always wondered what it would look like to have a wine shop with an honest-to-God wine bar installed inside. Wouldn't it be fun to pay, say, $10 for an interesting flight of wines before doing your browsing?

Michael Hughes said...


Samantha Dugan said...

I just cannot imagine NOT being able to pour wine in our shop! I get all pissy about the restricted tasting area rule, (people cannot wander around the store with wine in their glass) because I think a wine store should be full of people, (well, just full would be nice right about now) roaming the isles while tasting, if we could not pour at all? Brutal